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5/13 Update - Now offering Community Grocery DELIVERY to St. Louis City and County Zip Codes! ($50 Order Minimum).

Place Community Order Online

  1. Order via the ‘Place Community Order Online’ or ‘Place Order’ button on this page.
  2. Click the "PICKUP ORDER", if you wish to place pickup order, or "DELIVERY", if you meet the required criteria.
  3. Enter credit card at the end of your order on our new time of checkout secure payment system.
  4. You will receive a system generated email immediately to confirm what you ordered and preliminary total. This amount will be authorized on your card and is not necessarily what your credit card will be charged. Once the order is ready, we will charge your method of payment based on the items we were able to supply (98% or more fill rate).
  5. Delivery or Pickup
    • Delivery - your order will be delivered between 10:30am and 4pm. You will receive 2 emails that day.
      • One showing your final invoice total and items we are shipping.
      • Second email letting you know your order will be delivered in the next 2 hours.
    • Pickup - We will email you in the morning on the day of pickup to let you know your order is ready. The Invoice attached will contain items shipped, including we may have had to substitute or negating items we had to short. Therefore, the total may be different than the original confirmation.
      • We will call you to let you know your order is ready (Orders typically ready by 10am)
      • To avoid wait times at pickup, please do your best to get here (2427 N 9th St., 63102, Near Crown Candy) with in a couple hours of being notified of order being ready.
      • Call 314.241.1288 when you arrive
      • Give us the name on your order
      • Open your trunk, and please be sure there is space for your items.
      • Gloved associate will place items in your trunk.
  6. Your method of payment will automatically be charged after invoice is shipped.
  7. Your orders stay refrigerated until pickup to keep un-broken cold chain.

Please keep in mind we normally sell to customers on account and are rapidly adapting our order and payment system for retail. We don’t currently have a window scheduling system. We ask that you please be patient.

Returns and credits – For safety reasons, we cannot accept any returns. We want to make sure you are a happy repeat customer and will work with you on any complications that arise.

If you should have questions, please email orders@sunfarmfs.com or give us a call (314.241.1288) between 8am and 2pm Monday – Friday.

4-13 Update: New secure payment system integrated with order system. Pay at checkout not at separate site!

Prior to 3/15/2020, Sunfarm only distributed to food service customers, meaning we sold to restaurants, hotels, schools, clubs, etc. As you can imagine our business fell off rapidly mid-March. With grocery stores over-crowded and running out of food, and limiting customers, we saw the opportunity to help and immediately began work on opening to the general public to pick-up groceries from us. We are adapting each day, adding more items to make us a one stop shop for you. And we hope to continue as long as you’ll allow us.

5% off for local restaurant employees - We know this is a challenging time for our industry. Please enter the name of the restuarant you work for in the comment section at the end of your order. We will apply the discount after checkout and before your card is charged.

Community Orders accepted anytime via online (click place community order button).

Pickup: Orders received before 7pm will be ready for pickup next day. We will contact you on the morning of pickup to let you know your order is ready, typically by 10am. Picking up with-in two hours of being contacted will result in shorter pickup times.

Delivery: Orders received before 7pm will be delivered next day between 10:30am and 4pm. You will receive an email on your delivery day giving you a smaller 2-hour delivery window.

Thank you for your support!