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Our Team

Our business has grown because of its extraordinary service and respect for our customers. We appreciate your business and will strive to meet your every expectation.

Produce Sommeliers

Each Sunfarm customer has a committed sales representative or ‘produce sommelier’ that is familiar with your special needs. These representatives work with our three buyers to make sure that your needs are represented at the produce marketplace. To prevent shortages, we have established a network with other distributors on Produce Row. Additionally, we have unique relationships with our vendors to protect our customers during growing gaps and we are frequently able to find that “hard to find” item.

John O’Brien
ext. 304

John Antalick
ext. 306

Danielle Camp
ext. 312

Juan Sanchez, Latino Item / Street Sales Specialist

Leadership/Administration/Customer Service

Sam Sanfilippo, CEO/Buyer
ext. 301

John Pollaci, President
ext. 305

John Cordeal, Finance Manager
ext. 303

Peggy Davis, Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Manager
ext. 302

Ronald ‘RJ’ Barrios, Buyer
ext. 316

Nancy Church, Customer Service
ext. 308

Tandra Stokes, Customer Service
ext. 335

Adrian Billups, Evening Customer Service

Pattie Layman, Human Resources / Customer Service
ext. 307

Wesley Momon, Warehouse Manager

David Huson, Inventory /Quality Control Manager
ext. 324

Ronald Wagner, Route Manager

Mike Hallbauer, Assistant Route Manager